Monday, June 17, 2013

Fort Boonesborough

Various excerpts from The Kentuckians:

They have thought to pacify us by promising to move the land office to Harrodstown.  They know the reason we have been anxious to turn settlers our way, as who wouldn't.  It's but natural we'd ruther see ourselves grow as Boonesburg.  But makes no difference where they put their dratted land office!  The colonel give me his word they wouldn't go up on their prices, nor change any of the conditions they first stated.  And now they're doing it.  My men are riled up a heap over it, and ready to pull out.

I was fixing to leave the next morning when Abraham Hite rode in from Boonesburg with the news they'd had an Indian scare.  A fellow by the name of Campbell and two lads had crossed over the river to hunt and had been ambushed.  One of the lands was killed and the other one taken captive, but the Campbell fellow got away.

One killed, one wounded at Boonesburg.  Dannel [Boone] and five others hurt at Boonesburg.


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