Saturday, June 22, 2013

British Attacks On Bryan's Station

The Story of Bryan's Station: As Told in the Historical Address Delivered at ...
 By George Washington Ranck, Daughters of the American Revolution. Lexington Chapter (Ky.)

On the 22d of June Col. Byrd of the British army at the head of one the largest and most formidable bodies Indians and Canadians that had ever invaded Kentucky.  The British conquered Ruddle's Station and then Martin's Station, which was not far from Bryan's.  Consternation reigned in all the log forts for the invaders had brought to Kentucky for the first time the one thing the pioneers dreaded artillery.

...scouting Indians, who managed, however, to kill some of the rapidly retreating garrison and then pushed on to Bryan's where they seized many horses ruined much of the growing corn and were confidently expecting the arrival of the army when Col Byrd...hastily retreated and the station that seemed doomed to immediate destruction was saved as by a miracle. 

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