Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Life And Death Of Jane McCrea

From "The Life of Jane McCrea, with an Account of Burgoyne's Expedition in 1777":

In the history of the Revolutionary War, perhaps no single incident is recorded which, at the time of its occurrence, created more intense sympathy, or aroused a spirit of more bitter indignation, than the massacre of Jane McCrea.

The murder of Miss McCrea was one of the incidents of Burgoyne campaign. Her affianced husband [David Jones] accompanied him from his arrival at St John's until his surrender at Saratoga. Her biography is so intermingled with the history of his expedition that it was found impossible to separate them.

Jane Mc Crea was born at Lamington, New Jersey, about the year 1757. Her father, James McCrea, was a Presbyterian clergyman. He was a native o£ Scotland... . At an early age, she met with an irreparable loss in the death of her mother... . [She had brothers, including Creighton McCrea]

Among her father's neighbors in New Jersey, was the family of Jones, consisting of a widow and six sons, Jonathan, John, Dunham, Daniel, David, and Solomon.

"...on the 29th of June, Burgoyne sent forth that famous proclamation by which he thought to overawe the Americans...".
"I have but to give stretch to the Indian forces under my direction, and they amount to thousands, to overtake the hardened enemies of Great Britain and America. "To...those who persisted in rebellion, he threatened with terrible vengeance... ."

Terrible vengeance fell upon Jane McCrea.


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