Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The House Of Unfulfilled Desire

The house of unfulfilled desire was written by Harlan P. Rowe and published in 1911.  Harlan was the nephew of Carrie (Merrill) Owen.  Was the Harlan Rowe who was born on 9 August 1881 in Bay County, Michigan, the same man who lived in France in 1935 and in Detroit as a merchandising manager in 1940 and even earlier? [Yes, it appears to be the case]

A deed between Carrie and her sister Mary (Merrill) Rowe Rawlings here (excerpt from blog post: *Mary's first husband was Harlan Page Rowe.)

Carrie was the mother of Grace (Owen) MacDonald, wife of Francis MacDonald.  Francis's sister, Harriet, was the 1st wife of Albert Edward Cameron; Harriet died in childbirth.

United States Census, 1900
Event Place: ED 26 Verona township Bad Axe village, Huron, Michigan, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Elias P Rowe M 54 Michigan
Son Harlan P Rowe M 19 Michigan
Daughter Laura M Rowe F 9 Michigan
Mother Mary W Rawlings F 71 New York

Harlan Page Rowe was a graduate of the University of Michigan in 1905.

I  believe that the author was this Harlan Page Rowe who, because of the illness and death of his father, Elias P. Rowe, abandoned his literary career for the sake of the family.  He lived in France, a circumstance related in this newspaper column (Thumb Notes - Bad Axe).

He died in 1950.

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