Monday, October 28, 2013

Alexander Harrow's Journal

Present Day Port Huron (Between Detroit and Mackinac) Looking Towards Canada

Alexander Harrow's Journal, 1791 - 1800 (links added):

"Abstract [Lehigh University online site]: Born in Scotland, Harrow emigrated to Canada...and worked as an officer in the British Navy. In 1779 he was commissioned Lieutenant and Commander in the Naval Armament of the Lakes and was given command of the sloop Wellcome overseeing the shipping of government supplies and the movements of civilian passengers between Detroit and Mackinac the route of the lucrative fur trade. In his journal, Harrow keeps copies of his correspondence as well as his orders of barrels of salt, rum, and pork. A portion of the journal was kept on board the Chippewa a ship he remained on until 1796."

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