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First Governor Of Maryland, The Life Of Thomas Johnson

Since there is no free version of the book The life of Thomas Johnson: member of the Continental congress, first governor of the state of Maryland, and associate justice of the United States Supreme court online yet, other sources were used to identify some of the details in the life of Thomas Johnson.

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Source Of Thomas Johnson Portrait

Wikipedia stated that "Thomas Johnson (November 4, 1732 – October 26, 1819) was an American jurist with a distinguished political career."

The Supreme Court Historical Society stated that:

"He was educated at home and studied law in the office of the Clerk of the Provincial Court in Annapolis, and later with an Annapolis attorney. He was admitted to the Maryland bar in 1760. Johnson began his public career in 1762 as a delegate to the Maryland Provincial Assembly."

"On August 5, 1791, President George Washington nominated Johnson to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Senate confirmed the appointment on September 19, 1791. Citing the rigors of circuit riding, Johnson resigned from the Supreme Court on January 16, 1793."

See the images of the Thomas Johnson letters held at the Frederick County Public Libraries here.

The Frederick News Post published an article entitled Thomas Johnson: Patriot, politician lost in history, November 11, 2007.  An excerpt:

"...Johnson was a progressive thinker and favored a book of the day that promoted the progressive education of women."

Thomas Johnson's descendant, Confederate General Bradley T. Johnson's speeches, An Address By Confederate General Bradley T. Johnson and The Confederate Soldier Address By Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, featured at Detour Through History.

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