Monday, January 6, 2014

Captives Of Cupid - Old Detroit

Captives of Cupid: A Story of Old Detroit centered upon the lives and loves of those who lived in Detroit during the War of 1812.  Some of the characters were real people, including Tecumseh, Pierre Navarre, and others.
Source Of Picture

"Among the border towns of the Canadian frontier, fair Detroit — once the village of Pontchartrain and the old French settlement of Cadillac, founded in an impulse of strife between the governments of France and England, and the most ancient city of the great lakes — was well and favorably known to the British as a place of important western interests and progression... ."

"[In the aftermath of the Battle of the River Raisin]...groups of Indians moved from door to door, offering for sale their wretched captives. There they stood, the flower of Kentucky's manhood, with hands bound in cruel severity and nooses of strong rope about their necks. Should any one evince a tendency for flight he would be strangled much as western cowboys strangle refractory mustangs."

"In the army his bivouac was made by preference among the Indian camps, a large portion of which were pitched far but in the direction of what is now Woodward avenue and Palmer Park, and in the vicinity of the cabin of Pierre Navare... ."

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