Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bush Ancestors

Sixty years in a school-room: an autobiography of Mrs. Julia A. Tevis ..., bJulia Ann Tevis, John Tevis, included her Bush ancestors, some of whom were also my niece and nephew's ancestors.

I [Julia Ann Tevis] was born December 5, 1799, in Clarke County, Kentucky. My grandparents on both sides were among the earliest emigrants from Virginia into this State. Their location in the vicinity of Boonesboro brought them into familiar intercourse and companionship with Daniel Boone; and my maternal grandfather, Ambrose Bush, with his four brothers, were among the most celebrated of the old Indian fighters.

I do not wish to give the impression that the name of Bush is entitled to any patronymic distinction, or that any branch of the family claim nobility; nevertheless, they came from a pure and ancient stock, upon whose bright escutcheon no stain had ever rested. It had never been legally disgraced and never forfeited its claims to respect and consideration. The family was originally English, as I have already stated, and the tradition among them is that the founder of the American branch, John Bush, came over among the first settlers of Jamestown, and was the friend and companion of Captain John Smith.

My great grandfather, Philip Bush, possessed a large landed estate. His eight sons and four daughters were matrimonially connected with some of the most distinguished families in the Old Dominion. [Ambrose Bush was the son of Philip Bush and Mary Bryan who were also my niece and nephew's ancestors].

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