Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pioneers Of The Cumberland

FLOWERING of the CUMBERLAND by Harriette Simpson Arnow:

Flowering of the Cumberland is concerned with the pioneer as a member of society engaged in those activities which, different from hunting or house building, could not be performed by a lone man or family. The first and most important of these was marriage, and the creation of another family with its consequent need of the offerings of any civilized society—language, education, agriculture, industry, and trade; activities that demanded intercourse with other people and often an exchange of goods and services. 

Seldom did the transplant grow exactly as had the parent plant, or one might better say ancestors, for by the time the Cumberland was settled, language, education, along with many other aspects of life, had been conditioned by plantings and transplantings on older borders to the east. Still, the shoots set on the Cumberland bloomed, and often well where, when one considers the hazards and hardships of the environment, the wonder is sometimes that they grew at all. 

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