Sunday, October 5, 2014

Withdrawal And A Battle At Allatoona Pass

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"....the Confederates appeared before Allatoona, at dawn (Oct. 5)...".  "The Confederates were vastly superior in numbers and invested the place. After cannonading the fort two hours, their leader (General French) demanded its surrender."  "Then he assailed it furiously, but his columns were continually driven back. The conflict raged with great fierceness and Sherman, from the top of Kenesaw, heard the roar of cannon and saw the smoke of battle, though 18 miles distant."  He had pushed forward a corps (23d) to menace the Confederate rear, and by signal-flags on Kenesaw he said to General Corse at Allatoona, 'Hold the fort for I am coming.'" And when Sherman was assured that Corse was there, he said, 'He will hold out; I know the man.'" "And so he did." [Source]


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